Brahms v. Radiohead

An amazing process of analysis, discovery, de- and re-construction, and re-creation led to this program, a synthesis of the Brahms First Symphony (1882) and Radiohead's OK Computer (1997). All four movements of the Brahms are eight songs from the Radiohead album are featured. The envelope of what is possible and permissible is constantly pushed, with Radiohead songs being superimposed above Brahms' music, Radiohead's melodies being altered to coexist with Brahms' harmonies, the motives of one interjected into the other, and departures from the score left and right to accommodate journeys into a new compelling and captivating world that is at once both musics. Three vocalists sing the melodies of the Radiohead, both in solo and harmony. 


1. Airbag/Introduction
2. Brahms 1st Movement Exposition
3. Paranoid Android
4. Brahms 1st Movement Recap
5. Karma Police
6. Brahms 1st Movement Coda
7. Subterranean Homesick Alien
8. Brahms 2nd Movement Beginning
9. No Surprises
10. Brahms 2nd Movement Ending
11. Brahms 3rd Movement Beginning
12. Let Down 
13. Brahms 3rd Movement End
14. Brahms 4th Movement Intro
15. Exit Music (For A Film)
16. Brahms 4th Movement Exposition
17. Electioneering
18. Brahms 4th Movement Coda