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The FUSE@PSO concert on March 9, 2016 will be something I am calling STRAVINSKY: REMIX|RESPONSE. It will be a live remix of Stravinsky’s FirebirdSuite — juxtaposed with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra playing the original Stravinsky will be remix vignettes that use segments of the Stravinsky treated using modern popular/DJ/electronica production techniques. In other words, during those segments the orchestra will be combined with laptops, drum machines, synthesizers, singers, rappers, you-name-it-because-it-is-all-being-conceived-as-we-speak.

This is the first ever concert I am writing of this nature. It is quite a thrill and opportunity. I’m using techniques I’ve developed over the last few years of creating my own :STEREO HIDEOUT: music. It is particularly exciting at this point because the project changes shape dramatically with each day of work; that is another way of saying it is yet very unformed, very raw and in the initial stages.

The first phase of work has been to load the original Stravinsky into Abelton (the music production software), choose segments that are ripe for remixing, go crazy creating beats and soundscapes around those samples, and see where it leads. Included here are screenshot videos of a few sections. You’ll hear acapella raps of Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Childish Gambino superimposed. I am still undecided on what will ultimately exist over the top — it may be all new material — new raps and new songs that are based on the Firebird myth — it also may be the existing songs you hear in this. Or it may be a combination.

All I know for certain is that, when I open up Ableton tomorrow, it will feel brand new again. That is the fun of being at the beginning, on the first time around.

Hope you enjoy, and that you’ll come out in March to hear the results.

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