I wanted to share this wonderful suite that I created along with my longtime collaborators and friends Time for Three.  It mashes the Grieg 'Holberg ' Suite up with pop songs and TF3 originals. A highly enjoyable and pleasant listen. Great work to TF3the CMF orchestra and conductor Michael Christie.


1. Grieg Holberg Suite 1st Movement (Prelude) 

2. Banjo Love (TF3/Hackman)

3. Grieg Holberg Suite 2nd Movement (Sarabande) ->  

4. Blackbird (Lennon/McCartney) -> 

Grieg Holberg Suite 2nd Movement Conclusion

5. Grieg Holberg Suite 3rd Movement (Gavotte and Musette) ->

6. Kissing in the Tree (TF3/Hackman) -> 

Grieg Holberg Suite 3rd Movement Conclusion

7. UFO (Coldplay)

8. Grieg Holberg Suite 4th Movement (Air) 

9. Grieg Holberg Suite 5th Movement  (Rigaudon)